What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I rely on Pilates to keep my lower back and core strong to prevent catastrophic relapses including potential fusion. Without relapses, I am able to participate more fully in my children’s lives.
— Elise Bailey

I recommend Pendleton Pilates Reformer classes to anyone trying to strengthen their back and core muscles; it really does provide pain relief. In fact, I recommend Pilates to anyone as a method of exercise regardless of if they have back problems. The instructors at Pendleton Pilates work with you, on an individual basis, to understand your unique situation and help you with the movements and proper techniques.
— Karen Wessendorf

I would like to say that Pilates and Spinning were game changers for me and my walk on the cancer path. Had I not started as a healthy individual, the last year would have been a very different experience. My sincere thanks for the encouragement, prayers and support from all of the people in the Pendleton family. From clients to instructors, people have been so very thoughtful. I have felt overwhelmingly blessed.
— Gayle Unzicker