Pendleton Pilates Teacher Training & Certification Program (PPTTCP)

Pendleton Pilates is pleased to offer a comprehensive Teacher Training and Certification Program in Foundation and Intermediate Mat and Reformer work.

PPTTCP is designed for individuals who exhibit a passion for Pilates and come into the training with better than average awareness of the body. Further, we’ve designed the onsite program for those who can take advantage of Pendleton Pilates four Cincinnati locations as their ongoing training facility. If you do not live in the Greater Cincinnati area, please ask about how we can tailor our training program to fit your needs.

In four-month training cycles, candidates can begin their training at Pendleton Pilates via private instruction with Pendleton Pilates instructors, open Group Reformer instruction, open Mat classes, observation and weekly apprentice workshops. The Certification Program culminates in an intensive weekend training program where students will test out by teaching a Mat class, an hour-long session designed for the first-time student and a Group Reformer class designed for the intermediate student.



The Pendleton Pilates Teacher Training and Certification Program includes:

  • 10 private sessions at Pendleton Pilates studios

  • Free Mat class

  • Free solo workouts (based on studio availability)

  • Free access to Group Reformer classes (based on studio availability)

  • Weekly apprentice workshops

  • Observation hours

  • Teaching Manual

  • Intensive two-weekend training program

  • Certificate of Completion of Pendleton Pilates Teacher Training and

  • Certification Program after testing out to the standards of Pendleton Pilates.



Program Hours and Fees

Our program of study is designed to offer flexibility in scheduling your study time with us. However, if certain minimums are not maintained, the quality of your work will suffer. It is our intention that everyone who enters our program receives our Certification and therefore we require the following program hours:

Private Sessions:  10 hours
Saturday Workshops:  40 hours
Mat Classes:  20 hours
Group Reformer Classes:  40 hours
Observation:  20 hours
Solo Practice:  20 hours
Apprentice Hours:  30 hours
Test Out:  20 hours

Total:  200 hours

The Program Fee is $2,850 and requires a deposit of $250 (non-refundable) to enroll. Students who register and pay in full 30 days in advance for our sessions will receive a $300 discount. Payment plans are available. Contact our administrative team for details.



Teacher Training Schedule

Next session STARTS October 6, 2019

If you would like to reserve your spot in one of our upcoming classes, please call 513.478.3232. Our classes fill up quickly, so please do let us know if you are interested in training with us.



About Certification 

There is currently no governing body that decides who can certify teachers or validates certification programs for Pilates instructors. There are weekend certification programs and year-long apprentice programs.

We have tried to create a program that bridges the gap between the weekend and the year-long program and allows complete immersion into our studio system for a three-month period. Our certification means that we believe the student is competent to teach a Mat class, a Group Reformer class and to introduce a new student to Reformer work. More important, we will not certify someone who we wouldn't have as a teacher of our own clients.